Be Mighty
Be Mighty
mighty organic uncured bacon & apple bar bar

It's time for
something better

Enough with the weak snacks. We deserve something better. Something organic, made from 100% grassfed beef. It’s time for something that wakes up our taste buds and keeps us moving throughout the day. So enough with the weak snacks.
What we’re looking for has to be Mighty.

multiple cows standing on a farm grass fieldmultiple cows standing on a farm grass field

Good beef comes from
mighty places

Read about our organic farmers.

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Five reasons why 100% grassfed organic
beef makes us Mighty

100% grassfed beef

Because it doesn't just taste better, it's higher in omega-3s and CLA.

Mighty organic

That means no antibiotics, no hormones, no GMOs, and no pesticides.

100% simple

Real ingredients that serve a purpose. None of that filler garbage.

100% real protein

Because that's the kind of snack that gets the job done.

100% guilt-free

Less than a third of the calories of other protein bars.


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