The mighty story

There was a time when searching for good, clean protein in the snack aisle was about as unsatisfying as the choices available.

What you really wanted was something delicious, satisfying and pure. Something meaty. Something Mighty.

Using simple ingredients like organic apples and cranberries, we created Mighty Organic, the only 100% grassfed, organic beef snacks on the market.

The reign of mystery meats is over.
Long live Mighty.

multiple brown cows standing together on a farmmultiple brown cows standing together on a farm

Good food comes from mighty places

Mighty Organic snacks come from 100% grassfed, organic cattle raised in the Channel Country of the Australian Outback. As a farmer-owned cooperative, we’ve been setting the standard for organic beef for more than 20 years, and we use Australian cattle in Mighty Organic snacks for a few important reasons.


Temperatures in Australia rarely drop below freezing, which means it’s easier to keep cows in their pastures all year round.


The geography of Australia makes it easy for farmers to graze their animals throughout the year, which contributes to our farmers’ economic stability.


Australian beef tastes really, really good thanks in part to the widespread adoption of organic practices in that country.